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Campus Leagues

What are the Leagues?

Campus Leagues is our recreational sports programme created with the objective of providing sporting opportunities to all Newcastle University students – regardless of their fitness and ability. Ready for a laugh and some friendly competition? Then you’ll love our programme consisting of both team and individual activities.

Enter one of our team sports and represent your academic course, halls of residence, society, or if you want to just keep it simple, get a group of friends together! Alternatively, you can go it alone with one of our individual sports.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch. It’s low cost, with qualified coaches and referees for every sport and a welcoming environment for all.

Campus Sport Tournament

In addition to your regular weekly fixtures, our Campus Sport Tournament is hosted twice a year – once in December and then again in March.
Held over two days the tournament provides students and societies an opportunity to compete against each other.
The winners and runners-up will each receive trophies and medals (who doesn’t love a trophy or a medal?) as proof of their exploits, so don’t miss out! 

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