a-z of clubs

With 65 sports clubs run through your Athletic Union (AU), NUSU has an endless supply of sporting activities to help you get your game face on!


With a huge variety of clubs on offer, from American Football to Water Polo, there really is something for everyone. We’ve thought long and hard about how to help you find the best sport for you, and we’ve decided to split them up into categories: Airborne, Combat Sports, Indoor, Outdoor, Racket, Target Sports and Water-based. Take part as a social member or compete in the weekly British University and Colleges Sport (better known as BUCS) fixtures. There’s also the opportunity to compete in the much anticipated Stan Calvert, our annual varsity event played out between the University and Northumbria. 

To join, simply find a club you like from the list below and read about how you can get involved, or get a membership on each club page. For any quetsions about clubs, your Athletic Union Officer.