Mental Health in Sport

Reports suggest approximately 1 in 4 students experience a mental health difficulty at any one time. NUSU is committed to using the power of sport and recreation to promote wellbeing, with a special focus on encouraging physical activity and social interaction for their contribution to good mental health. Recently NUSU has become a signed Sport & Recreation Alliance Mental Health and Sport Charter, this required NUSU to demonstrate commitment to taking action against 6 key areas  - read more here
image for mental health charter for sport and recreation

Support Services

There are a number of initial support services available as well as a number of specialist services. If you're unsure or require more advice contact a member of the Students' Union team first:

Inclusive Sport Coordinator


Student Activities Manager


Athletic Union Officer


Welfare & Equality Officer


University Wellbeing Services


NUSU is committed to tackling mental health within sport and will run a number of campaigns throughout the year to raise awareness and increase student engagement with physical activity, promoting the positive benefits of sport. Keep an eye out for events such This Girl Can, Nutrition, Mental Health, and Rainbow Laces. 

Training & Resources

Mental health in sport training is delivered to all our Team Newcastle welfare officers.

Mental Health in Sport

Student Minds 

Mental Health Charter Action Plan