Welfare Officers

Welfare Officers are an integral part of our Team Newcastle clubs. This student led role takes proactive measures to impact student welfare within their club, be that through providing drop in welfare sessions, signposting students to relevant support services, signing their club's Pledge Card, applying for Earn Your Stripes or being involved in a Campaign such as This Girl Can, Nutrition Week or Disability Awareness Week.
NUSU has pledged to have a welfare officer within every club by 2020, all of whom will receive training on the role, mental health in sport, disability awareness, anti-doping and nutrition. If you are interested in becoming a welfare officer or require further information contact inclusive.union@ncl.ac.uk

Pledge Cards

Pledge Cards are a great way to demonstrate how your club is taking proactive measures to welfare in sport.
Check out what other clubs are pledging - Team Newcastle Pledge Cards


Throughout the year NUSU runs a number of welfare in sport campaigns, your club can be involved in various ways from setting up taster sessions to spreading awareness in your club. Keep an eye out for events such This Girl Can, Nutrition, Mental Health, and Rainbow Laces.

Support Services

There are a number of initial support services available as well as a number of specialist services. If you're unsure or require more advice contact a member of the Students' Union team first:

Training & Resources

Welfare Officers will receive a number of compulsory training workshops as well as further opportunities to increase knowledge and understanding. The below links highlight the training programme and necessary resources