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  • Judo Semester 1 Membership 2017-18£55.00


Brief Description of Club Activities

Judo (meaning "gentle way") is a modern grappling martial art, combat and Olympic Sport.  The objective of Judo is to either takedown your opponent using their strength/weight against them, immobilise or subdue an opponent by pinning them to the ground or to force a submission with a joint lock or a choke.

The Club accommodates all experience levels and genders, from beginners looking to keep fit and learn self- defence techniques used worldwide, to advanced players wanting intense training and regular competitions.


Meeting Days, Times and Venues

Monday: 8pm-10pm, Multipurpose Room A, Newcastle University Sports Centre

Thursday: 7:30pm-9pm, Mulitpurpose Room A, Newcastle University Sport Centre


Also, circuit training is on Wednesday's at 8:30pm-10pm in Multipurpose Room A, Newcastle University Sports Centre


Contact Details

President - Mark Hanson
E-mail:  m.hanson@ncl.ac.uk


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  • Track Pants£34.20
  • College Hoodie£36.60
  • Training Shirt£15.30


What's Happening

All Saints Sports Centre, Sheffield
BUCS is the national competition for all universities and welcomes judoka from across the UK. Entries are split between 1st Kyu and above, and 2nd to 4th Kyu. There is an individual competition and a team competition.