The Athletic Union Executive Committee 2014/15

The Athletic Union Executive Committee (AU Exec) is voted in by members of the Athletic Union at the AGM at the start of the year. The main function of the Committee is to act as the primary decision making body within the AU in accordance with the AU Constitution. Ultimately, it is the committee which holds the AU Officer accountable for their actions, something particularly important in a student-led organisation.

The AU Exec acts as the voice of the students that are involved in the AU, both to the Union Council and all external organisations who are directly involved with it. Essentially, the AU Executive Committee is in place to protect students' sporting interests. AU Executive Officers are also involved in aiding the AU Officer in their job and are heavily involved with the planning and organisation of all the main sporting calendar events of the year. For example, the annual AU Ball and the Stan Calvert Memorial Cup are organised and run by the AU Officer with help from the AU Executive Committee. The committee are also responsible for the ratification of new sports clubs, approving the grant allocations for clubs and assessing the long term aims of the AU.

Even though its members work very much behind the scenes, the AU Executive Committee is a hugely important part of the Athletic Union and the Students' Union.

The Athletic Union Executive Committee 2014/15

The AU Executive Committee is chaired by the AU Officer 14/15, Caleb Jones.

Chair of AU Executive