Inclusive Sport Coordinator -

Earn Your Stripes is an accreditation scheme which provides support and recognition to encourage Athletic Union clubs to become more inclusive and continually develop, the more criteria you meet the more funding you'll receive. If you believe your club already meets some of our criteria apply now to receive recognition and funding for your club! If you would like to work towards some of our criteria please get in contact with us.

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  1. Actively participated in a NUSU or national campaign, e.g. disability awareness week, rainbow laces etc.
  2. Undertaken steps to help freshers and new members settle in
  3. Provide evidence for attempting to include minority groups
  4. Introduced or made changes to activities/socials/events to open them up to wider membership
  5. Explored and carried out new ways to promote the club
  6. Involved in a NUSU ran programme; Go Play, Into Schools etc.
  7. Provide opportunity for non-competitive members to participate
  8. Provide evidence that opportunities are available outside of playing and those opportunities such as coaching, refereeing/umpiring, volunteering etc. are encouraged.
  9. Have a welfare officer as part of the clubs committee
  10. Undertaken any other steps which show an increase of inclusivity

Bronze Award

Matching 3 of the above criteria will make your club eligible for £150 of funding support.

Silver Award

Matching 5 of the above criteria will make your club eligible for £200 of funding support.

Gold Award

Matching 7 of the above criteria will make your club eligible for £300 of funding support.


Why should AU clubs be involved?

  • Extra support from the Inclusive Newcastle programme which can guide the club to being more inclusive
  • Potential increase of club membership as students are aware they are catered for and they are entering an environment that discourages harassment and discrimination.
  • Opportunity to be involved in NUSU programmes and run their sport through Go Play to increase membership
  • Opportunity to be involved in NUSU and national campaigns
  • Recognition of inclusive work, in addition to a ‘stripe’ the club can be nominated for awards such as Pride of Newcastle.
  • Financial support to help inclusive work