Bee Keeping

NUSU has bees, and throughout summer you can take part in helping look after them.

We also link up with other beekeeping folk and pollinator-friendly community projects across Newcastle to do our best to keep the stripy things abuzz.


Volunteer role

Bees are a fascinating insight into the way that the landscape works : every encounter brings new learning, and there opportunities to learn at every level of knowledge.

Complete beginner? Come and meet the bees! Scared of stinging things? Learn how to keep them happy and overcome your fear!

Really intrigued? Come train yourself up in techniques, attend informative talks, and take part in the groundbreaking research taking place right here at Newcastle University.

In September, it is time to check on the health of the whole bee colony and judge whether we can harvest any honey.

We also need to keep making new hive parts, ready for when the bees will swarm (usually in June). If we're lucky we will also get a chance to extract honey and other products - you can take a hands-on part in all of this.

We also offer an education and training programme, linked with other bee-friendly networks across the city.

Skills gained

  • Goal setting and action planning
  • Teamwork
  • Decision making
  • Social, cultural and global awareness
  • Ethical awareness

Suitable for

All students


This project offers a range of roles with a range of commitments running throughout the academic year, perfect for one off volunteering.

Register your interest

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