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31 Jan - 6 Feb

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Hi, everyone! My name's Eleanor and I'm your Postgraduate Officer this year at the Students' Union! Last year when I completed my masters during lockdown, I experienced how isolating being a Postgrad student can be, and this is why I really wanted to launch this campaign. 'Just for Postgrads' is bringing you a full week of events and activities which can fit around your busy schedules. I want to give all postgrads the opportunity to meet other postgrads, get involved with what the SU has to offer, and nurture their wellbeing.  To find out more about how this campaign came about, you can read more here...

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Have you attended some of the campaign events? Want to tell us about your experience and help inform future PG events? Please take 5 mins to fill out this survey, we would really appreciate it!

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PG Mental Health


We’ve updated the PG Mental Health booklet from last year to become a permanent guide to PG mental health resources, we hope you find it useful.

If you require a Large Print version of this document, please let us know here.