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A Concise History of the United States of America

Second-hand. Highlighting and notes on the first 171 pages, but otherwise a very good copy.

Service, Robert, The Penguin History of Modern Russia: From Tsarism to the Twenty-First Century

Hosking, Geoffrey, A History of the Soviet Union

Europe: A History by Norman Davies

Perfect condition, no writing on pages.

The Penguin History of Latin America

For HIS1046. Great condition, no notes written in it.

The Weimar Republic Sourcebook

Edited by Anton Kaes, Martin Jay and Edward Dimendberg. Ideal for HIS3195: Weimar Republic. A few pencil marks but nothing major.

The Inheritance of Rome by Chris Wickham

For HIS2103 The Dark Ages. Good condition with a few written notes, but nothing major.

The World of Late Antiquity by Peter Brown

For HIS2103 The Dark Ages. Perfect Condition.

Anglo-Saxon England by Sir Frank Stenton

For HIS2072 Anglo-Saxon England. Great condition.

The Anglo-Saxons by James Campbell

For HIS2072 Anglo-Saxon England. Perfect condition.

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