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NSMW  2020 was from 3rd-7th February at NUSU by the Student Advice Centre – we had students getting freebies, playing our games to win free bags of shopping as well as taste-testing low and high brand products to see if they could really tell the difference.  Thanks to all that participated and roll on NSMW 2021.

During National Student Money Week, we created some NUSU recipe cards to help you to spend healthy and be healthy which will be online all year round to help students deliver tasty meals without breaking the bank. As well as eating healthily, you can help reduce your plastic waste too. Check out our 15 ways to use less plastic & save money. Enjoy! 

Take a look at what happened when we tried to get your sabbatical Officers to take part in a taste testing competition (see video).



Spaghetti Bolognese
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Berry Banana Slush
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One-pot Curry
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Tuna Melt Jackets
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Banana Oat Cookies
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Summer Traybake
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Roast Veg Coucous
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Grilled Peaches
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Chicken Stirfried
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Egg Fried Rice
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Vegan & Pepper Chilli
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Vegan Stew (Vg)
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*we got our prices from Tesco, whose prices are pretty average for a supermarket. You can hunt down the cheapest super-market but remember that there are small local options such as Grainger Market - where you can get meat, fruit and veg at a much cheaper price.