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Volunteering Opportunities for Archaeology and History Students

Interested archaeology and history? Check out these amazing and unique volunteer opportunities

Volunteering Opportunities for Psychology Students

Check out four of our volunteer projects which we feel will be of particular interest to psychology students.

Cancer Research UK

We are seeking committed volunteers to support our Cancer Awareness Roadshow team in the North East to help make a difference in local communities.

Great Exhibition of the North

The Great Exhibition of the North Team, as well as working on some spectacular exhibits which we know will be worth the wait we’ve also been developing a fantastic programme for our volunteers. Applications will open late in January 2018 and those who have registered on the mailing list will be the first to hear about volunteer roles and opportunities and when you can apply online.

Languages Into Schools

This is an exciting new project for 2018 to be delivered in local schools.  We are looking for enthusiastic volunteers to develop and deliver fun language based workshops in local primary schools to inspire young people to learn a new language.

4 Surprising Health Benefits of Volunteering

4 Surprising Health Benefits of Volunteering

Star and Shadow Cinema
Volunteers at The Star and Shadow

Star and Shadow Cinema

Virtual Reality Project - Coming in 2018

Go Volunteer with the support of the Santander Foundation will be launching a variety of Virtual Reality (VR) projects in 2018 which we hope will be a unique and interesting way to help people in the wider community. For this to work we need volunteers to be involved with the design and delivery of these projects.

How to keep your house plants alive

Blog post: How to keep your house plants alive

Newcastle Uni Boob Team

Uni Boob what? We’re ambassadors for CoppaFeel! – a charity who are on a mission to ensure all breast cancers are diagnosed at their earliest stage, giving everyone the best possible chance of surviving the illness.

Go Volunteer Language Projects

If you speak more than one language and are looking to volunteer this year then you are in luck as we have 5 language projects looking for volunteers right now!