6 Haunted Places in The North East You Need to Visit This Halloween

Its Hallows Eve and everywhere you look there are ghosts and pumpkins hung in windows to get you in the spirit. But if you’re out there seeking the real deal then check out our list of haunted places you need to visit this Halloween.

1.       The castle keep

This building might have given Newcastle its name but that’s not all this castle is famous for. Even making an appearance on Most Haunted, the Castle Keep has numerous ghost stories surrounding the halls and staircases. Keep an eye out for Poppy the Flower Girl or maybe you’ll hear the disembodied chanting of the monks that once inhabited the castle. Take a look at http://www.newcastlecastle.co.uk/history-0 to learn more about the Castle Keep’s history. Or check out one of the great events coming up at www.newcastlecastle.co.uk/whats-0


2.       The black gate

You know that historic looking building opposite Tup Tup, well it’s another hotspot for the paranormal. Added to the Castle Keep’s structure between 1247 and 1250 it’s no wonder this site is also a hub for supernatural activity. Although most reports have been of footsteps, mists and cold spots there are one or two sightings of a mystery woman who stands on the balcony watching the people below. If you are taking a trip to the Black Gate make sure you watch out for the Poltergeists, they aren’t too happy with those who go snooping around their home. To find out more about the Black Gate head to http://www.newcastlecastle.co.uk/black-gate-2  


3.       The town moor

Found behind West Jesmond, you’ve probably visited the Town Moor for the Hoppings, but this 105 acres of land once held the site of the Newcastle Gallows. Numerous executions took place in this area including those accused of being witches. Next time you walk through the Town Moor see if you can spot any dark shadows or hear any piercing screams from the past.


4.       The theatre royal

The Theatre Royale is probably one of the grandest looking buildings in Newcastle. Situated on Greys Street the building burnt down after a performance of the cursed play ‘Macbeth’. However, the cause for the paranormal sightings seem to stretch back further and is believed to be the apparition of a woman who fell from the upper galleries landing on the seats below. Look out for the Grey Lady next time you visit the theatre.


Fancy venturing further away why not take a trip to Northumberland to some of the most haunted places in Britain.

1.       Chillingham castle

Chillingham Castle is famous for being Britain’s most haunted historic castle. Situated in Chillingham, just a 20-minute drive from Alnwick, the castle is not for the faint hearted. After numerous sightings of ghosts there is a reason Chillingham has been labelled as the most haunted historic castle in Britain. The property is teaming with supernatural activity occurring both inside and outside of the property. Feeling brave? Venture down to the Castle’s Torture Chamber where you’ll see the gruesome devices once inflicted upon the prisoners. With dedicated ghost tours and late night vigils a stay at Chillingham is not for the faint hearted.

Check out the Chillingham ghosts at http://chillingham-castle.com/ghosts/


2.       Holy island

Lindisfarne Island (now known as Holy Island) was the birthplace of Christianity and is still a place of pilgrimage to this day. Once you’ve made it across the causeway, which floods twice a day, you are greeted by the pleasant little island home to the Lindisfarne Castle and the ruins of the Lindisfarne Priory, raided by the Vikings when they voyaged over to England. What may seem like a quiet little island is haunted by the past with sightings of monks crossing to the island using the series of stepping stones instead of the now used causeway. There have also been sightings of St Cuthbert himself and a phantom white dog which roams the ruins of the Priory.

To find out more about Holy Island head to https://www.lindisfarne.org.uk/

So if you’re feeling particularly brave this Halloween why not see if you can book a spooktacular night of paranormal activity. Don’t forget a Ghost is forever not just for Halloween.