Ed Farmer Remembrance 2018


On Monday 10th December, NUSU will be holding a memorial event outside the front of the Students’ Union building, to remember the life of Ed Farmer, who tragically passed away December 2016 after an initiation ceremony.


Starting at 5:30pm, the memorial will last around half an hour and will constitute of speeches from the family and friends, memories of Ed, pictures of Ed shone onto the building along with messages from students, music performed by students and a candle lighting. Hot chocolate will be provided to help keep the cold away!


We encourage you to leave a message for Ed. You may have seen the postcards appearing across campus to raise awareness of his death. If you would like to leave a message, please write your message on the postcard and return to any school office or the NUSU reception. Your message could be thinking more carefully about your drinking habits, the wellbeing of those around you or leaving a reflective message to an old fellow student.


The memorial will hopefully be a large-scale event with a very intimate feel, as the University community comes together to remember Ed. All students and staff are encouraged to join us to remember the life of a former student. We also encourage all clubs and sports teams to wear their university branded clothing to help create this sense of community and remembrance.


There is also a memorial rugby match kicking off at 1:30pm at Heaton medical ground hosted by the Agricultural society in partnership with NUSU. Ed himself was a member of the Agricultural intramural team and so we encourage you to join us as we celebrate Ed’s life through a sport he loved.


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