1.76 million students in the UK, so what can you do to stand out?

Boost your CV

Without a doubt, trying to stand out when applying for a job is becoming more competitive and harder by the minute. Thousands of people have a degree, and thousands of people are applying for graduate jobs. Last year alone, the top big firms received around 49,000 applications for graduate schemes. Therefore, now more than ever, you need something extra to help employers notice you. What about a summer internship or voluntary experience? So, how can you ensure that your CV stands out from the crowd?



Here are some great CV boosting opportunities that Newcastle University offers:



Global Internships –  Newcastle University offers a range of remarkable global internship programmes to take part in. From programmes in India and China to Tanzania and Rwanda you can gain valuable experience as well as meet a range of people from all around the globe. There are even opportunities to work for the Reserve Bank of India and Tata group. Now, imagine having that on your CV!



Studying abroad -  You’ll never get an opportunity like it again, a chance to broaden your horizons and mind, so take it. Go and study abroad with Newcastle University, explore new cities, build new friendships and, most importantly, learn about new cultures. Study destinations include Asia, the Americas, Australasia and Europe!  well-travelled = all rounder


Seek an Internship – There’s no better way to experience a job than working within it. Newcastle University offers some great internship opportunities and with the help of the Careers Service in perfecting your CV and Cover Letter, why not apply for internships in sectors of business you’re interested in? Did you know that the Careers Service are always advertising external internships? Undertaking an internship experience will open up lots of career possibilities that you had never imagined.


Global Business Case Competition – have you ever had the opportunity to compete in an international case study? Well, this is your chance! One week every year, undergraduates from 14 different countries unite in Seattle, in a global business competition. Students build great cross-cultural relationships, work in a fast-paced environment where they are analysing and developing business recommendations. Get involved! Further details - https://foster.uw.edu/centers/gbc/competitions/gbcc/  


Enactus – a global non-profit organisation at Newcastle University campus. A great opportunity to set up your own team-based project that can directly help to better the local community or even the global community. At the moment, Enactus Newcastle is setting up a project called ‘In2great’, which involves teaching dynamic and fun English lessons to help children who are non-native English speakers integrate better in their community.




These are all great opportunities to boost that CV of yours before venturing into the world of work!



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1.76 million students in the UK, so what can you do to stand out?

5 CV boosting opportunities at Newcastle University

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