5 Reasons Why Being An Officer Can Improve Your Employability!

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While there will always be job-specific skills that an employer is looking for, most employers will also want you to have some transferable skills. These transferable skills are called employability skills. Having employability skills can help you get employment. There are five skills that employers want you to have no matter what industry you are working in. Being an officer is a great opportunity to develop these key skills employers love. An officer is a full-time paid individual elected by the student union to represent the students

This post will tell you the five employability skills that you could develop as an  officer. Here are the five skills:

1.Communication Skills

The primary duty of an  officer is to address any issues that threaten the students’ welfare, accommodation, finances, health, and other areas that are vital to student life. As an officer, you will develop your communication skills because you will be writing press releases, communicating with sensitivity on behalf of the student community, negotiating with other departments of the school, and influencing and convincing other officers. Being a good communicator is a skill that prospective employers are looking for in their employees.

2.Problem Solving/Decision making

When you become an officer you agree to be the voice of the students and that means tackling and resolving issues relevant to the student body. That said, as an officer you will develop problem solving and decision making skills. For an employer, this means they can count on you to work successfully under tough circumstances

3.Teamwork Skills

Good teammates are usually good employees. The ability to work well with others to reach a common goal is vital for any company success. As an officer, you will work alongside other officers and members of the student union. It is normal to have disagreements in teams, however, being a good teammate includes respecting your colleagues and be willing to learn and accept criticism. Employers want to have employers who work well in a team. After all, you will be working with others unless you plan to start your own business.

4.Leadership Skills

At every higher education establishment, officers tend to be looked at as leaders. To be a good leader you must be confident, not afraid to take responsibility, and be able to direct, delegate, and coordinate the activities of an entity in relation to the task at hand. As an officer you will develop these leadership traits because you will be responsible for overseeing all aspects of the student union - (welfare, finance, community socializing, careers, continuing education, and diversity). Employers want to hire employees who have experience leading a company or organization.

5.Self-management Skills

Being an officer is a full-time commitment. You need to be disciplined, manage multiple tasks or projects, and demonstrate flexibility and adaptability to changes. An  officer’s schedule includes ensuring widespread information that are relevant to students, attend meetings, resolve issues, support and lead other officers then find time to eat, sleep, socialize and do work. Any person that can handle the daily duties of an  officer is an excellent candidate for employment.

Let's Wrap This Up

You will need job-specific skills for most companies, but the transferable skills and character traits you will develop as an officer will translate well in any workplace. Certainly, it is not required to be an officer to get  hired in the future. But if you have the dedication and the passion to be an officer, then you should elect yourself to be the University’s next officer. You will have a transformative experience and it just might help you land your dream job!


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