5 Truths from a Fourth Year

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What is Fourth Year Really Like?


I have always looked older than I am but now I’m in fourth year at university, I have more lines on my face than an excel spreadsheet. In fact, just last week, while walking through university campus, I was mistaken for a dad on a university tour. But apart from looking older now, I thought I would reflect on what it’s like being in fourth year.


1) Spontaneous Nights are rare now


I used to love going on spontaneous nights out but now, I won’t go unless it is a specific club night. As an old man, I just can’t face the possibility of having a bad night so if someone at the pub says ‘let’s go out,’ on a Tuesday with no other plan than ‘let’s go out’, I just won’t go. I used to tolerate drinks spilled on me, sweaty rugby lads chanting on the dance floor ‘lads, lads, lads,’ (as if they didn’t know what they were), and queues for the bar. But now, I am too grumpy to accept it in fourth year.

 What fourth year is really like.


2) Worse Hangovers


It now takes me longer to get over hang overs. I need to write off a whole following day when I go out now because I just can’t hack it. I used to go to lectures feeling grim after a night out. But no more.


"Fourth year is fun," they said.

3) Less Randomness


The weird stuff that happens in the first couple of years at university just doesn’t happen anymore. There is less gossip and less antics. No more waking up with road signs in your house, that kind of thing. Does that mean we’re adults now?

Is fourth year worth it?


4) Bit of Work load


I’ve found that the content of the work is not that much harder but I actually have to do it now. You can spot a fourth year because they will bring lunch boxes with quinoa and salad and stuff in to university to pretend they have their life together. Fourth Year is knowing you are meant to be an adult but not.

What is fourth year really like?


5) Graduate schemes chat


As fourth years are on the titillating precipice of starting “real life,” they zealously apply to grad schemes. Right now, I would rather be punched by Anthony Joshua than hear someone complain about how long it takes to complete a grad scheme application. Or anything to do with them frankly.

What is fourth year really like?


So, now you know what fourth year is really like.


Fourth year is laughing when you’re actually crying.


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5 Truths from a Fourth Year

What is Fourth Year Really Like?

I have always looked older than I am but now I’m in fourth year at university, I have more lines on my face than an excel spreadsheet.