7 reasons why Sabbatical Officer is the Best Step in Your Career Path

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Are you graduating University this year and confused about jobs? Why not apply for sabbatical officer and give yourself another year to think about which career path to go down. Have one more year at University helping other students like yourself and of course getting paid, before you venture out into the world of work. Could this be the next step for you? If any of this sounds appealing, then why not give it a go


With only 52% of graduates actually achieving graduate jobs, the competition is extremely high and so more experience certainly won’t hurt, especially at a multi-million-pound organization like Newcastle University.


Dan Norman who now runs a £350,000 student events company said the most valuable thing he walked out of university with was not his degree, but the year he spent as part of the student’s union.


Kristian Parker a sport and exercise graduate said “Whatever job you go into, being sabbatical officer will always stand you in good stead. Students can be demanding so you learn a lot of people skills”.


“You learn such a wealth of skills” said Emma Henry. She then goes on to state how   more was learned in three months of sabbatical officer, than three years of her degree.


If any of the above sounds appealing, then get in touch - this might be the job for you!


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