7 top tips on how to find you Uni BFFs:

Student Life

University can be daunting; the work gets harder, you’re thrust into independence, you have to cook your own dinner…but perhaps the scariest thing of all is the fear of struggling to make friends at uni. But don’t worry, here are 7 top tips on how to find your people.

  1. Talk to people! Okay, this can seem like the most obvious one, but it’s the one that makes the most difference. When you start Uni, make the promise to yourself to become a chatterbox – talk to people in your halls, in your lectures, even in the queue for your free university logo t-shirt. You never know, the girl next to you in that boring seminar might be your new best friend!


  1. Put yourself out there. This isn’t easy for some people, but if you’re nervous about not finding friends, then be proactive and do something about it! Actively try and make friends, message the people who have added you on Facebook, invite people on nights out, do SOMETHING! You can’t complain that you are struggling to make friends at Uni if you’re not doing anything about it (sorry for the tough love).


  1. Join clubs and societies. This is the best way to meet people with similar interests to you, and every university has hundreds of clubs available to get involved with, so what are you waiting for? Find one that piques your interest, join it and find your new best friends!


  1. Open your door. Okay, so this one is only for the people living in halls…if you live in a house its probably not the best idea to open your front door to the public. BUT, if you’re in university accommodation this year, then open your bedroom door and make friends with your flatmates. Most likely they will be the people you see the most, so it is great if you’re able to establish a solid friendship with them early on; they’re the faces you’re going to come home to after a long day of trying not to fall asleep in lectures, so make them friendly faces!


  1. Do some (legal) stalking. Hear us out on this one…find people on social media from your course, your halls, the same clubs as you. Trust us, everyone else is doing it, and its nice to be able to find a familiar face in a crowd. If you’ve been chatting away for an hour to someone in a seminar, message them – they’ll probably find it nice that you’ve made the effort to build a channel of communication, and now they may feel better knowing they have a friend (because everyone is worried about struggling to make friends at Uni, not just you).


  1. Branch out! University is the perfect time to reinvent yourself; you’re away from home and being exposed to a multitude of new experiences, so this is the time to try the hobby that always sounded interesting, but you were too scared to attempt. The volume of societies means there’s always something new to try, and new people (friends!) to meet.


  1. Be nice. Finally, the most important top tip. Be nice to everyone (which I hope you are anyway). A smile can go a long way, a ‘hello’ in passing to that boy you vaguely recognise from your seminar could potentially blossom into a friendship. Even if it doesn’t, it’s nice to be nice, isn’t it?  

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