9 Tips and Tricks for Finding the Best Student Deals - Newcastle Edition

Student Deals


Student deals and discounts are everywhere, so it can be hard to know where to look.

But with this handy guide, we’ve saved you time and money by finding all the best student deals in Newcastle to help you stretch out your student loan.

Check these out and thank me later.


1 - NUSU Perks

Did you know Newcastle University Students University has its own little website called Student Perks? It has monthly deals with its partners including Jalou, Fat Buddha, Dominoes and loads more. Download the NUSU App so you don’t miss a thing.


2 - Save the Date

Events like Intu Students Shopping Night the companies fair on campus are a great way to grab some amazing deals. Keep your eye out for other nifty deals like Vintage clothing fairs and the Za Za Bazaar free buffet night. The best way to get these deals are to watch out for people flyering around Newcastle.  


3 - Student Card

Now this may be the most obvious tip but you’d be surprised how many people forget to use it. Your student card is your magic pass to endless discounts and deals. Take this with you everywhere, basically just keep in with your ID at all costs as you never know when you might need it. You can also upgrade to the NUS Extra card which will unlock even more discounts.


4 - Not Just a Bank Account

Getting a student bank account is a great way to get some fab deals and almost all of them offer interest free overdrafts (which I promise you’ll thank me for later). Santander give you a free railcard, with NatWest and RBS you can get a free coachcard. Compare different accounts because this is a deal you really can’t miss!


5 - Secret Service Offers

Check what services you’re using and if they already offer additional extras. Network providers almost always have little deals like free coffee. For example, Wuntu with Three and O2 Priority. Do a little digging into the stuff you already use and see what other little extras you can find, like Pure Gym has 35% off Protein World.


6 - Sign Up

Sign up to emails from Save the Student, Student Beans and Unidays to always be up to date with the latest offers and freebies. Always check the Unidays app and voucher codes before ordering stuff online because you’ll be sure to find some sort of discount. Sign up to the mailing lists of your favourite places to get quick deals and freebies on your birthday!


7 - Big Wins

Don’t forget to get deals on these things you use all the time! Spotify have 50% off for student and Amazon have Student Prime which is 50% cheaper than Prime, with all the great deals like one day delivery and prime video.


8 - Hidden Gems

Train Splitter is a website great for getting cheaper train tickets and using google scholar will help you find books instead of buying them. There are loads of groups on facebook sharing info about the latest student deals so find them and join them.


9 - Always Ask

If somewhere doesn’t say anything about student discount just ask anyway because so many places you wouldn’t even think of do. Get into this habit and you’re sure to get some sneaky deals.



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