Is diversity, equality and inclusivity important to you?

NUSU Elections

If the three words in the headline caught your eye and are words that hold value for you, then it is likely that you would be the perfect team member on Newcastle University’s Student Union! Being a part of this incredible team requires compassion, empathy, commitment and understanding.

Through being a sabbatical officer, you will be the main representation for your peers regarding any problems they may need help with or support they require, ranging from the academic to the emotional, which at times may be challenging, but will ultimately be overwhelmingly rewarding. Alongside the potential for personal growth, a role in the Student Union proves to potential future employees that you are dedicated, committed and able, but above all passionate.

 Previous NUSU President Josh has reaped the benefits of getting involved – ‘Being NUSU President was definitely the highlight of my Newcastle University career…not only did I gain confidence, make friends and enhance my job prospects, I gained genuine reward from seeing the benefit decisions we made had and how they positively impacted my peers. My role on the Student Union undoubtedly shaped my work approach and ethic now, and I believe helped me secure my post-graduate job’.

Another way to get involved in the NUSU is to create your own society; if there is an activity you want to see at Newcastle University, and believe others have a demand for, then why not start a society? It’s a great way to participate in student life, alongside a sure-fire way to meet people with similar interests to you. Furthermore, you may be entitled to a £200 cash bursary to get the society started, so you don’t’ even have to worry about costs.             


If the many benefits of gaining a role on the NUSU sound even slightly appealing to you, why not nominate yourself for a position? If you think you have what it takes, we want to hear from you…chances are, we might think you have what it takes too.


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