NUSU Elections: Think you can do it?

NUSU Elections

The Students’ Union needs a strong candidate to become a sabbatical officer, and we think you would be perfect.

We’re giving you the perfect opportunity for a graduate role at a decent salary; where you can gain skills for your future and have fun all at the same time.


Putting yourself forward for the NUSU elections is the next step to achieving all of your goals, whether they’re personal or career goals.


Being a Sabbatical officer means being a part in something bigger. We’re giving you the chance to make a real difference for students at Newcastle. You can put your stamp on how the SU runs as an equal, supportive, and welcoming place for Newcastle students. Your role will provide you with employable skills and experience, and you’ll be in a workplace that’s you’re familiar and comfortable with.


What more could you ask for? Here’s all you need to know about this role has to offer.


Decide what really matters

When you become a sabbatical officer for whatever sector, you immerse yourself in what you think matters (whether that be athletics, education, equality etc.). This is your chance to prove yourself as an effective individual who can have an impact on the SU. You will be doing this by holding campaigns and events around campus as well as taking into account student needs. Your role as an officer at the SU means that you are representing student body. This is a chance for you to have your voice heard so you can make a real difference for all students.




Skills for future employment and a decent salary

The NUSU are offering a perfect way into paid work which gives your a head start on your future career. Some argue that it’s the best graduate job “in the world”. You can prove to future employers that you’re a dedicated individual who it determined to make change. Gaining a role as an officer means you can gain these key skills:

  • Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Managing events and campaigns
  • Event planning and running campaigns
  • Be a voice for over 20,000 students


As well gaining these skills, you’ll earn a decent salary to kickstart your graduate career. (More details about wages are to be confirmed.)


Meet New people from different backgrounds - Represent them!

Being a sabbatical officer is far from any regular graduate job - you can enjoy time with your peers! Communicating with the other officers, sharing ideas in group meetings and holding multiple campaigns/ events is all part of the officer job role. You can be sociable and get to know more members of the student body from all kinds of backgrounds.


Meet some of the current team and see what their roles involve:


Raff Marioni - President

As President, Raff represents the student voice and community by ensuring all students interests and needs are taken into account. This includes, improving their social life, reducing costs within university and supporting them.


Maggie Eslop - Athletics Union Officer

Maggie, the Athletics Union Officer, often manages campaigns that promote a healthy lifestyle. Her most recent campaign was ‘Mission: Nutrition’. She offered a free, healthy breakfast to all students across campus.



Other Sabbatical Officer Positions include:

  • Education Officer
  • Welfare and Equality Officer
  • Activities Officer
  • Editor of the Courier


Part time officer positions include:

  • International Officer
  • LGBT+ Officer
  • Marginalised Genders officer
  • Disabilities Officer
  • Scrutiny Officer
  • Faith and Belief Officer

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