Students of Newcastle: 6 Tips to Make Your Loan Last This Winter!

Student Life

Try Market Goods & Produce


Newcastle has plenty of markets for students like you to bag themselves food and other household items on a student budget. Grainger market in particular is great for scoring some meat and poultry for a few pennies less than, say, Jesmond Tesco. The market also has quite a few clothes shops stocked with vintage gems that are a fraction of the price of high street stores. Many stalls also offer student discount so don’t forget to ask!


Work For Us


You know what’s great for saving money? Earning it! If you have the extra time to spare, why not apply for a part-time job at NUSU to help bump up your budget? Pulling pints for your fellow students is a great way to stretch the bank over the Christmas holidays and maybe, if you’re lucky, give you a budget for pints of your own! We also have regular vacancies in our NUSU shop, as well as Subway and Dominos that rotate staff often so keep your eyes peeled for openings!


Student Perks


In case you didn’t know, we have our very own perks system for students like yourself! Downloading the official NUSU app will help get you discounts where it hurts the most such as Dominos, Rev’s, Tyneside Cinema, Luther’s, and The Botanist. Say goodbye to expensive social outings and hello to saved cash! The app is available on all devices and takes no time to download so get discounting! Visit to see our current 30 partners that are interested in saving you money!


Split Meals and Switch Bills


Having group meals with your mates is another fantastic way to save your loan. A full dinner between 5 or 6 could cost as little as £1 each. Even a Christmas dinner between friends is cheap enough to do once or twice a week to get you in the festive mood! Try Aldi for even cheaper grub! Comparing and switching your bills provider can also save you a lot more money than you think, make sure you aren’t throwing away money on pricey winter bills!


Discounted Gifts


As a student this Christmas, don’t forget your discounts! The likes of app Unidays or an NUS card will get you discounts at select stores to help you keep your friends and family happy whilst also not breaking the bank. Don’t also forget that Newcastle University students get discount in your own NUSU shop if you fancy gifting some merch, or save yourself money on essentials like pens, books, stationary, and files. You’re welcome!


Student Finance Advice


If you are finding yourself still unsure of how to tackle your money issues come and see our student advice centre at NUSU that are dedicated to financial advice such as budgeting, loans, tuition fees, and benefits that will go a long in way helping you save money at Newcastle. They can also offer advice on academic and housing queries so don’t be afraid to book an appointment or drop in on Mondays and Fridays 12-1pm!


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