Top 5 Do’s and Don’ts of socialising at Uni!

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Tips for a better social life at University.
While it is easy to make friends at uni, it is just as easy to lose them when we forget some socializing rules. Building genuine relationships comes from making an effort to listen, respect, and support another person. Here are some basic rules of how to socialise while at Uni to make new connections.

1. Do Listen Sincerely

Uni can be overwhelming and we tend to bottle up our frustrations. Listening to others sincerely, helps them to feel better because it allows them to let out their worries and frustrations. However, your happiness is just as important. So don’t continually sacrifice your peace of mind to listen to the troubles of others especially if the person is always negative. It's fine to give a lending ear once in a while but be careful to not become someone else punching bag.

2.Don’t talk about yourself so much

The average person’s attention span is eight seconds. Even tho it may seem like they are listening to you, in reality, they are just nodding their head and secretly wishing you would shut up. Seriously, don’t be a “me” monster when socialising. Be courteous of others and allow them to share how fun their weekend was.

3.Do be yourself

It may be fun to tell people that you were fighting off lions over the weekend. But if you want to build long-lasting friendships, its best to be yourself and be honest. Not saying you have to be a serious grouch all the time, but there are ways to share about yourself that are both truthful and engaging. After all, if they can’t accept you for who you are then they are not real friends anyway.

4.Don’t be on the phone

Cell-phone is so commonplace these days. But using them respectfully isn’t so common. Nothing says “I don’t care what you’re saying” more than being on your phone while someone is talking to you...Well at least trying to talk to you. Be courteous of others; Unless you are expecting an important call, do not incessantly check, look at, or attend to your phone when you’re having a conversation.

5.Do be open-minded

Socialising does not only involve sitting around a table and talking. Socialising can mean playing ping pong, billiards, or shooting some hoops. Be open-minded to fun activities because that is usually a great opportunity to socialise and let out your dorky side. But also remember to not engage in activities that you are not comfortable with and remind your friends to respect your boundaries. Being open and honest allows you to determine who your real friends are.

Although these 5 tips does not guarantee that you will make friends at Uni, they are guidelines that will help us effectively interact with others whether it is at the workplace, at university, or even on the metro.


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