End Of Term Report - December 2021

Here’s my latest update

What have I done this term? 




I delivered series of training for our executive officers’ societies. Feedback from last year was taken into consideration saying that having online training is very beneficial and accessible. This year it was also recorded and complied into one link. Training included the overview of roles, dangerous behaviour training, health and safety training, and multiple resources for Welfare Officers. We received good feedback from our societies, with some great tips on how we can improve the training going forward. Societies said they really want to have the training online for them to access it with ease. 




The Annual General Meeting happened in person this time. Most of my Constitutional amendments were mainly admin, like adding amendments to the societies constitution passed from the council, It was really good to see our societies exec in person. 

We also voted in my amazing Societies Exec for this year who have been great so far, I am looking forward to continuing working with them over the next year. 


Freshers’ Fair 


I also organised Societies Fair in person this time, it was one of the greatest things I have done so far, we had a three day long fair in the venue. I divided the societies into 3 groups almost a good mix, so each day there is a diversity and range of societies. I also organised showcases from the societies each day from Bollywood Dance, NUJO and many more. The fair was really popular and good. I received some amazing feedback from the societies and staff. Over 180 societies took part and we were really busy all the time. 


Societies Exec & Grants 


We have had almost 4 meetings so far, The exec has been really helpful and productive. In the initial meeting we allocated the initial grants that societies get at the beginning of the year. We allocated £3.5 per head this year. Memberships almost back on track we gave £40,000 to the initial grants. We also had 2 applications for special grants giving away £24,000 to the societies to help them in any regard. 


University Meetings 

I’ve sat on quite a few university meetings this year, such as the University Global Committee, Internal Prevent, and the Student Experience Sub-Committee to name a few. It’s been a great experience to work with the university and to have a say in what goes on. 


International Societies Forum 


Benthe from international office and I have started a forum for international students, by inviting all of the international societies to the table and having healthy discussions on how to improve the experience of International Students. We also do discuss regular problems faced by the International students and try to solve or feedback them to the university. 




Agile Sprint Project 


I was invited to a two weeklong extensive agile sprint a joint project with an external consulting company Nous and the university to understand the journey of International Students. After two weeks of interviewing International Students first at a workshop and then at pop-up stands identifying pain-points of International Students throughout the journey starting from applying the visa to the first month of teaching on campus. Great results were achieved and now we have a detailed map of the journey, loads of work to do for the university for international students. 



What has been your biggest achievement? 


Definitely organising the Freshers Fair has been my highlight. Interacting with new students and societies and at such a large scale was really fun and exciting. Showcasing of the societies was something I experimented with which turned out to be really good. It was great to have the first in person event specially after having 2 years of no in-person events. 




What could you have improved on? 


I think planning way ahead or at least at the start of the job would make thing easier to organise. I had to put in a lot of time and effort to organise things which I think would be quite convenient if had planned earlier. 



What do you plan to do next term? 


     I have loads of things planned for the next term starting off from the Refreshers Fair. It would be one day mini societies fair with additional training for the exec officers as well as the social secs. I have already started planning for Grad Ball which is on 12th of June, My exec is also helping me organise it. Festival of Culture is also underway of planning. So yes, lots of events to plan for.