End of Term Report

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What have I done this term?


This is the beginning of the rest of your life
You better start movin' like you're running out of time
The realisation coming over your mind
That it should be a canter


I’ve listened to a lot of Gerry Cinnamon over recent times. A lot of Sam Fender too but Gerry speaks a lot of truth in most of his songs. There’s a huge amount of carpe diem energy about his songs which is very reflective of the time of year we find ourselves in. Time is running out on this Sabb year so it’s all about ticking projects off. “ So Fergus, What have you done son,” I hear you ask. Well…


Cochrane Park Bus


This project is live and will be in it’s trial period until June 17th when it will be reviewed and a long term contract will be put in place so students will be ablew to dive into it from the start of the new academic year.This is something I hope Hannah will champion when she takes over.


Team Newcastle


Few things around this. First of all we have completed a Kit Tender process. However, at the time of writing this I cannot share who the kit provider will be for the next 3 or 4 year period will be. This means that supporters kit conversations will have to happen once the contract details are in place with the new provider.


There has also been ongoing discussion between the University Marketing Team, Sports Services and The AU. This is around the launch of the Team Newcastle brand, logo and overall identity. These conversations continue to be a long process, but now firmly have the support of those high up in the university and the idea is to create a powerful identity that will be easily recognisebale and one that students will identify with.




We won. Up The Uni.


In all seriousness though, this was a brilliant event to bring back. A lot of work went into it from myself and my counterpart at Northumbria as well as our respective Sports Centres. We had over 35 fixtures and events taking part over the course of a few days back in April and they were the most attended matches that we had seen throughout the entire year, including the largest crowd Cochrane Park had had for one match. I look forward to seeing it go from success to success over the coming years. It was a belter, different from the rest.


City Council Relations


Our Home Truths housing campaign report is in its final stages and is nearly ready to be presented to the Students in Newcastle Forum. Off the back of a very successful campaign, this report highlights the action that the council should take to improve the standard of living for those renting in Newcastle. I also attended a meeting to learn more about the government energy rebates. This information will be shared with the student body through the SAC to ensure students full understand the £150 rebate.


AU Ball


This was a roaring success. It was epic to have 700 students at The Fed celebrating an outstanding year of sport. The Individual Royals were presented as well as the AU Awards. The dodgems were excellent, the rodeo bull was a right life and with only one piece of lost propert, this can be deemed a night that will be remembered, or not depending how much wine was drunk…


Active Women Campaign


During the first week back after Easter, we held the Active Women Campaign. This was a very powerful few dasy which had the flagship event on the Mondya night- a workshop held by The Well HQ. This focussed on pelvic floor heatlh, sports bras, menstrual cycles, hormones and so much more. With two sessions (one for athletes and one for coaches) this event was to be used as a catalyst for change at the university. The first change is already in the works as the university is in talks with various comp0anies about getting them in to measure and properly fit sports bras at the start of the new academic year. The week was also packed full of GIAG sessions. Many proved popular, particularly the weightlifting sessions.


Wheelchair Basketball


I’m delighted to say that the first 7 chairs have been purchased for the wheelchair basketball club that will be our latest addition to the Athletic Union. We are looking to get them up and running with plenty og Give It A Go Sessions in September.


Trans Sport


I’m currently writing a trans sport statement to be included in Inclusive Newcastle. It is in line with the values of NUSU and esigned to help guide people to sporting activities and making that that everyone has access to sport during their time at Newcastle University.


Athletic Union Executive Committee


This Committee will have its final meeting on the 23rd May. At this meeting, award criteria as well as Club Colour and Royals criteria will be altered and approved.


Community meetings


I continue to be the Sabb lead on Community Unity. There has been lots of positive discussion about how students have returned to Newcastle. I have been working hard to develop strong relationships with Metro and councillors so that students are not singled out and treated equally like permanent residents.


What has been your biggest achievement?



Winning Varsity.


What could you have improved on?


Throoughout this year, I have been involved with lots of event planning. Particularly for Varsity and AU Ball. My biggest learning pointy is to start early and involveas many people as possible so that it doesn’t get too much with not enough time left.


What piece of advice would you pass on to your successor?


Wednesday afternoons are for sport. Go out and watch our inspiring teams, regardless of what meetings are on.


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