Term 1 Update from Eleanor, your Postgraduate Officer

A brief update on what I've been up to the past few months!

An update from me

Hi everyone,

Hope the first semester of this year is going well and that you all take some well-deserved rest time during enrichment week. This blog post will give you a quick update on the work I have been doing in the past couple of months and some of the exciting things we’ve got coming soon.

First a little update to PGR students: One of the main things I have done this past month is take part in conversations about the continuing impact of COVID for postgrad students and how we can mitigate that. I’m really happy to be able to confirm that the 'COVID-19 Impact Funding Scheme' will remain in place for at least another year past April 2022 and I would encourage any PGR student whose research is being impacted by COVID to apply for the scheme. I will continue to fight for other ways the university can support all postgrad students, both taught and research through the ongoing impact of COVID.

Alongside this, I know many of you may be aware of UKRI’s conversations surrounding PGRs as staff. I want to assure all of you I have been talking about this issue with relevant university staff and working out how we can gather student opinion, make positive changes and ensure PGRs have a positive relationship with employment while at Newcastle. These plans on how we will reach out to students and work collectively with them are being finalised now and I will share the information with you as soon as I can, as well as how you can share your opinion.

For all postgrads, I’ve been running postgrad social events with our fantastic 'Give It A Go' team. We’ve had coffee and Meat Stack socials so far but in the run up to the holidays I’ll be running some different activities. We have bath bomb making at 'Lush' and a winter walk along the quayside with hot chocolate amongst many other activities. It would be amazing to see some of you there and they will be a great opportunity to meet other postgrad students – head to this link to have a look at the different activities and register! What's On Events (

I’ve also had the pleasure this month of helping to organise our University Challenge trials. If you haven’t seen the video of myself, Abbie and Livia asking students trivia questions, you should definitely give it a watch – it’s certainly a highlight of my month!

This blog post will also be part of our first PG specific email for this year! These will be regularly sent out by NUSU and contain the most relevant information and updates for postgrad students. I hope you find them useful and that they showcase some of the specific work we do and activities we have for postgrads. Keep an eye out for the next one in your inbox!

Hope you have a great rest of your semester, feel free to email/dm me with anything!