End of Term Report - March 22

Hiya everyone! Thanks so much for checking in to see what I have been up to this semester. Like always, NUSU has kept me busy! Read this report to see what I have been up to

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Hiya everyone! Thanks so much for checking in to see what I have been up to this semester. Like always, NUSU has kept me busy! Read this report to see what I have been up to 

What have I done this term?  


  • Climate Conscious Careers - is taking place this week and it has been a huge success. The week hosted three events: Actions Beyond Individualism Workshop, Food Waste Workshop at Magic Hat Café and the Green Futures: Make Your Career Climate Conscious Panel Discussion. As part of the campaign, all the banners and promotional materials were made in a sustainable way by upcycling old banners, posters, and plastic. I held several craftivism workshops to make these materials.  

  • Claiming Your Space – Due to receiving a limited number of submissions, we have changed the competition and are no longer doing a results night. Instead, we have opted for an immersive arts workshop evening and will be displaying the submitted art in the FDB.  

Representation and Support  

  • Spiking – Work from last term has continued. Following the success of bringing in spiking drink testing kits I purchased a second batch of tests. I also finally have a meeting set up with the Newcastle Licensing departments to demand changes.  

  • Supporting Students through strikes – We have worked as a team to provide support to students and mitigate strike impacts. 

  • Supporting students affected by the crisis in Ukraine – As a sabbatical team we put out a statement linking students to support, have helped students who wanted to set up initiatives and now as a team are hosting a vigil and planning, we will collect donations.  

  • NUSU Elections – Was fun being a part of the debates, question times and general buzz. 

  • Decolonising Buildings – I have been working with the REC estates team on a project called Armstrong – A biography of a building. We hope to have a full installation explaining the history of Lord Armstrong and our campus’s colonial legacies by the end of term 3.  

  • Decolonising NCL – Working with the Sustainability team on their pledge. 

  • LGBTQ+ Safe Space Valentine's Day event – Hosted a really cute V day card making session.  

  • LGBTQ+ Safe Space – Slowly but surely, I have been setting up this space. It is one of my side projects as there is so much going on.  

  • Updated PEC Documents and Support to Study Feeback – Reviewed both of these documents/policies.  

  • Interviewed for SVLOS – Appointed 3 brilliant new SVLO’s 

  • Misogyny is a Hate Crime and Sexual Violence – Supported initiatives going on in this group including IHH Do better Newcastle Campaign, Mandatory Consent Workshops, Safer Parks Scheme and linking up with making misogyny a hate crime nationally.  

  • Improving Accommodation for Global Majority Students - Working with Unite and the University Accommodation on a piece of work to improve accommodation for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic students. This is focused on policy, communications, procedure and changing cultures.  

  • Inclusive Sport – Fergus, George, Nate and I have been looking at what inclusive sport actually means and looks like with a focus on how we can support trans students participating in both competitive and noncompetitive sport. 

  • Focus Groups – Conducted two focus groups for our strategic plans. One was on mental health and wellbeing and the other on sustainability.  

University Meetings and Charters 

  • Racial Equality Charter 

  • Racial Equality Charter Student Workstream 

  • Mental Health Charter 

  • Athena Swan  

  • Inclusive Newcastle  

  • University of Sanctury  

  • Alcohol and Drugs Working Group 

  • Senate 

  • EDI committee  

  • Students in Newcastle Forum  

  • Environment and Sustainability Committee  

  • Changing the Cultures  

What has been your biggest achievement? 

Definitely the Climate Conscious Career’s campaign. It’s also been really nice to see actions that university take my feedback on board. For instance, I pushed for Student Health and Wellbeing to bring in more sanctions for students who are waiting for counselling or do not meet the requirements for university counselling. Through talk campus you can now access a trained counsellor for a one off appointment and they are piloting support groups. 

What could you have improved on? 

  • Getting the end of term report in on time (I was off ill with the flu and food poisoning, so can you blame me?)  

  • The past semester has been a complete whirlwind. With so much going on I have struggled to manage time effectively at times.  

What do you plan to do next term? 

  • Toolkit and policy to support student sex workers.  

  • Campaigning for improved policies to support pregnant students  

  • Confirm and write policy for students from disadvantaged backgrounds to receive discount on student accommodation. 

  • Racial Equality Charter Student Workstream Submission 

  • Mental Health Charter Support Workstream Submission 

  • Finish LGBTQ+ Safe Space 

Thanks for reading! 


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