The Ultimate Checklist: Moving to Newcastle as a Fresher

We've put together the ultimate freshers checklist to get you prepped before you join us!

The Ultimate Freshers' Checklist

Start Freshers off on the right foot by knowing exactly what you need to, prepare for, bring, and do when you arrive with our handy go-to ultimate checklist specifically for you at Newcastle.


So, you’re officially a student at Newcastle University – congrats! But what do I need to do now? Here are 4 key steps!

  1. Finance: Double-check that everything is in place with Student Finance & maybe consider setting up a student bank account – here at NUSU we can offer any tips or advice on financial matters that you need but doing your own research is also a great idea before you arrive!
  2. Accommodation: Find out where you’re going to be living and who with! You’ll have received confirmation of your accommodation following acceptance of your place at Newcastle University so double-check this. Then, it’s time to find your flatmates. We have set up some Facebook Halls groups for you to try and find your new flatmates, and start making plans with them from the get-go!
  3. Similarly, often Facebook groups are made for specific courses too. Now’s your chance to speak to those who you’ll be studying alongside for the next few years and make some connections. Put yourself out there! Now’s a great chance to get to know everyone in the same boat.
  4. Time to pack!


Packing all your stuff up and leaving home for Uni is daunting. What do you take? What can you leave? It's all a bit of a whirlwind and we know this first-hand! So, to give you a helping hand we've broken it down for you to help you organise exactly what you need and things you might not have considered!

Daily Essentials

  • Clothes – have a sort through your clothes before you arrive, odds are you probably aren’t going to need those shorts you’ve had since 2013. But remember to bring a warm coat – you’re going to be in Newcastle, remember!
  • Towels – a large one for the shower and a smaller hand towel should do you.
  • Medication – trust me, at some point you’ll be very grateful that you brought your stash of paracetamol. A first aid kit with plasters could also come in handy!
  • Your ID’s
  • Laptop/computer
  • Headphones
  • USB stick (this will be a lifesaver)


  • Bedding – of course, there are shops everywhere selling this but if you’ve got particularly nice bedding that will remind you of home, bring it along!
  • Clothes hangers – an easy one to forget but an important one to have.
  • A laundry basket – you don’t want a growing pile of dirty laundry taking over your new room.
  • Photographs/reminders from home – pictures of loved ones are great for decorating your new accommodation. Plants, battery-operated fairy lights, and posters are great too!


  • Cutlery and crockery (remember, it’s just for you so one of each item is usually enough!)
  • Tupperware
  • Cooking utensils (sharp knives, spatula, tin opener)
  • Tea towels

Ultimately, you probably do not need to bring as much as you think you do and if you do happen to forget something, don’t panic! There are plenty of shops in the city to grab extra bits you might need! If you able to find out who you are living with before moving to Newcastle, you may be able to stop the issue of arriving and having 6 saucepan sets, and an overflowing drawer of cutlery. 


Enjoy yourself is a must but there are a few other things that you must remember to do when you arrive in Newcastle as well…

1. Get Logged In

It's important to get yourself registered via S3P with the University ready for your studies to begin. You will be able to do this once you have received your email from the University over the coming weeks regarding s3p/your student login. Once you have registered officially via s3p, a login account will be auto-generated for you so that you can log into the NUSU website (after which you can then sign up to events and join clubs/societies). Please note that you will not be able to login anywhere with your account until 48 hours after completing your registration via the Student Self Service Portal (S3P).

2. Access Induction Programme

Once you have registered via the Student Self Service Portal (S3P) and waited 48hours, you are all set to access your Induction Programme when they go live on 'Canvas'. You will just need to login using your new student email address.

3. Stay Updated with Covid Situation at the University

The Students' Union & the University closely monitor the ongoing coronavirus situation and both have web pages live with their latest updates. Via the University you can find out how covid is affecting your studies, and expect to receive fortnightly communications from the Academic Registrar on discussions and decisions taken as well as any update on the evolving situation. Via our Covid Hub you will be able to stay up to date with how you can access our facilities and events. 

4. Register with a GP

It's very important that you Register with a GP practice in Newcastle as soon as possible if you're coming to live and study here. Once registered your new GP practice can get hold of your medical history as soon as possible, send information to you on relevant health issues, pick up on any ongoing medical problems, and sort out any prescriptions you will need to request. As well as this, and probably most importantly, it will be the place you know to go to when you're ill, and the place they know about you! All Newcastle Students residing in Newcastle and Gateshead can now register with a GP online, those living outside of this locality can register via the NHS National Website

4. Register to Vote

Make sure you are registered to vote in Newcastle. Who knows when the next general election will be called... Students can register to vote at both their home and term-time addresses. If your home and Uni address are in two different local authority areas, you can vote in local elections at both. Your vote matters. Don't lose it. You can register to vote here.