Top Tips for Second Years coming to campus for the first time

Welcome back everyone. Whether you're an Undergraduate or Postgraduate student, NUSU is here to ensure you have the best time at Newcastle University.

It's never too late to get involved!

Welcome to NUSU for maybe the first time!

We are so excited to finally welcome all students that missed the opportunity to be on campus during the last academic year, to campus this September/October.

This year has been tough, and we appreciate that you may be feeling uneasy heading to campus for the first time, feeling that you may have missed out on part of your University experience. We are here to reassure you that there is still plenty of time to get involved and stay supported this year. Your Students' Union is here to help you experience the University life you may not have had realized yet. Here are our top tips for getting involved for the first time on campus: 

1. Know how you are represented.

From our network of School and Course Reps to our Change Campaigns, Student Council to our team of Officers, we are constantly lobbying for your rights, and to help ease University-wide issues. As our figurehead, our Sabbatical Officers, who are elected every year from a pool of student candidates, represent you in meetings with the University, launch awareness campaigns and fight for change that benefits you. 

2. Get involved in our extra-curricular groups:

Not sure how to get involved? We’ve got your back. The Students' Union is the main hub for everything extra-curricular. Whether you want to get involved in any of our 350+ Sports Clubs & Societies, join our Student Media team, or do some volunteering - we have something for everyone! We also run lots of activities and events throughout the year for you to come along to - from Fairs, on-site Festivals, to Activity & Sports taster sessions.

3. The Freshers that never happened:

Did we mention we also run the Official Freshers' week? We know a lot of students really missed out last year for Freshers' 2020, so we have opened up our Freshers' 21 to all second years who didn't get to experience the start-of-year celebrations last time around. 

4. Make campus your new social space:

The Students Union plays host to lots of food vendors, and its very own Students' Union bar (Luther's Bar) & Gigs space (Venue). So whether you fancy some live music, a pub quiz, some live sports, or a cheeky Domino's, NUSU is the place to be. Check out all your food & drink options here.

5. Know how you are supported:

But we’re also here for the tougher times – we know that student life can get hard, and we want to support you whenever you feel like you need us most. As your Students’ Union, we aim to act as your voice and be your very own support network right on campus. Currently in development is our new on-site Welfare & Support Centre which will facilitate staff to be on hand to support you throughout your time at Newcastle University. This center will be also fighting the good fight for equality, diversity, participation & inclusion for students. Very importantly, we also have a dedicated Student Advice Centre where you can book appointments to discuss any issues or concerns you may have in greater depth.


We know that you want to get the most out of this year as possible, whilst also making up for lost time. So come along to welcome week activities and get involved! It’s a chance for all new and returning students to meet new people or reconnect with friends, try new experiences, get to know Newcastle University better, and most importantly to have fun!