BLOG: Disneyland Paris Trip

image of Cinderalla performer at Disneyland Paris Give it a Go

Getting on a coach at 4 in the morning isn’t my idea of fun; neither is staying on that coach for 13 hours… but we were off to Disneyland, so who was I to complain!

After a ridiculously long coach journey, and a ferry ride that involved preventing some group members from getting on completely the wrong bus after thinking they’d seen our coach driver (It definitely wasn’t Colin!), we finally arrived at our hotel. Dumping our bags we were desperate to get into the Disney Village and soak up the atmosphere.

Looking in some of the shops, it was unbelievable how much Disney merchandise you could get. From glittery Minnie Mouse high tops, to humongous mugs emblazoned with different Disney characters, or the classic Mouse Ears – These shops were an adult’s paradise let alone a child’s! After getting kitted out with Mouse ears, we headed back to the hotel to get some sleep for what were going to be crazily busy days,

Eating all the croissants and pain au chocolats we could, we set ourselves up for the day, eagerly heading into Disney Village, excited to experience both the Disney Park and Studios. Walking into the park was magical and just like something straight from a film set. All the flowerbeds were perfectly manicured, the shop fronts like something from old school America, and of course right at the end of Main Street was the iconic magic castle.

We all took a minute to take some perfectly Instagrammable pictures in the glorious sunshine, before excitedly heading off to enjoy some rides. Taking the advice of those who’d researched the different queue times, the tactical decision was made to go to the most popular rides before the park got too busy. Though Hyperspace Mountain and the Pirates of the Caribbean ride were both temporarily closed, we got to enjoy Thunder Mountain, Star Wars 3D and an Indiana Jones rollercoaster to name a few.

After lunch there was an insanely uplifting parade including pirates and princesses. The song may have been stuck in our heads for the rest of the day, but it really put a smile on our faces. The best parade however the evening one, where floats carrying the Disney characters from the Princesses to Woody from Toy Story proceeded past us. Specifically arriving early to get the best seats in the house – front row, facing the magic castle – we got to see all the floats and brightly coloured characters dancing between them in their full glory. My only question is; how do I get to be in the car of honour? 

Our second day was spent in the Disney studios enduring rides like the Tower of Terror!! To calm our nerves after some terrifying rides like the Rocking Rollercoaster and RC Racer, we decided to take a tram ride and experience the Studio Tour. Looking as the cars and sets used in different films was really interesting; but no one was prepared for the special effects section when a lorry set on fire, and the tram was nearly emerged in gallons of water (it was all intentional!).

By far the highlight of the whole trip, however, was watching the evening light display and fireworks. After getting emotional at the blue planet presentation, it was time for the main event! With songs from the Lion King to Frozen it was every Disney fan’s paradise. It was incredible watching Mickey Mouse’s projection jump up and down the magic castle in the darkness, and then watch some of the best loved movies come to life, all whilst water fountains danced in the foreground. The SU light shows will always pale in comparison now!

Setting off on our long journey back to Newcastle (and therefore reality!), reflecting over what we’d done the past few days was astonishing.  We’d been to Disney with SU – something many of my friends were jealous of - met Disney princesses, faced our fears on rollercoasters, but most of all made new friends. Give It A Go, pulled out all the stops; I only hope they put it on again next year!


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