Become the first ever Commuting Students' Officer

Represent all commuting students

Just when you think the elections are over, we have one more NEW role for you. If you have ever commuted, we want you to become our next officer.

If you live or have lived at home whilst commuting to your studies at Newcastle University you are eligible to put yourself forward to represent all commuting students in this year's election for this new voluntary officer role. The position will be filled during the 2019-20 academic year and then re-elected in next year's Spring election alongside the other sabbatical officer roles.

You will work alongside the Students' Union to help improve the student experience for students facing commuting issues. These include finance, care, public transport, assessment hand-in requirements as well as the feeling of inclusion within the University. This is an exciting new role we hope the elected candidate will work with us better student life for commuting students and shape the role for years to come.

As well as this, you will become part of the NUSU Officer team and hold a lot of influence in the decision making that represents all students.


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