Drive the change you want to see: 5 reasons why being a sabbatical officer is the perfect job for yo

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NUSU Elections
  1. Drive the change you want to see

You’ve done it. You’ve graduated, and you know the ins and outs of the student experience at Newcastle. But what have you always wanted to see happen at the university, what changes do you think you, your friends and your peers would benefit from. As a sabbatical officer you’re really in a place to steer the direction of your SU to make it more representative of the wealth of views you’ve encountered during your time here.

2. Boost your employability

Skills you will gain from your time as a Sabbatical officer – whatever that role may be – are a pot of gold for employers. Team work, professionalism, communication skills and public speaking are just some of the desirables that your experience as an officer will really evidence that will make your CV pop when it comes to your future career path. As everyday is different at NUSU, you’ll gain an amazing amount of experience in a short space of time, that you’ll be able to apply to any future job.

3. Boost your confidence

 This is something you may feel like you’ve already got covered, but the NUSU elections might tell a different tale, having your face plastered everywhere, approaching every random person that walks past when you’re running... The role of a sabbatical officer is inherently social, whether that’s during the election process, negotiating with university management, or connecting with students to ensure they feel represented. It may feel overwhelming at the time, but such a social role will do wonders for confidence and interpersonal communication skills.

4.You’ll never be bored

One day you’re taking part in fresher’s events, the next you’re prancing round in fancy dress, others your picking through university policy or meeting with Vice Chancellors to discuss proposals. Being a sabbatical officer will definitely hold off that 9-5 boredom. It’s such a varied job and will make you the most flexible person able to quickly switch heads from situation to situation.

5. Avoid the post-uni blues

You’ve had the best years of your life at Newcastle – why leave now. Hold off the post-uni blues and adulting for another year! In all seriousness, a role as a sabbatical officer could really provide that bridge you need between being a student and a full-time professional, not only to boost your CV but to prepare yourself for the world of work, all whilst enjoying that uni lifestyle.


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