Latest Housing Advice from the Student Advice Team [Updated 1-04-20]

Information from your Student Advice Centre

For the latest updates on what the Student's Union is doing to try and waive all 3rd term accomodation fees from private accomodations - click here.

• All students are advised to read the Student Advice Centre FAQ’s in conjunction with the Government guidance which gives you the latest information about your housing in regards to Covid-19 and answers the most frequently asked questions posed to us by students at this time.

• All students should familiarise themselves with their contractual clauses.

• All students should notify their respective landlords and/or agents of whether they have left their property permanently or temporarily or if they are still residing there (this is probably in your contract and is not COVID-19 specific).

• All students living in Private Halls should check with their Hall Provider to see if there has been a change to their cancellation policy.  We are currently aware that the University and some private halls are allowing early surrender of tenancies but only where actioned by the student by specific respective deadlines. Check with your Hall provider.

• Otherwise all students living in private rented accommodation who have a loss of income and are struggling with their rent commitments should discuss this with their landlord or agent.

• Arrangements for summer changeover/check out will need to be discussed nearer the time with your agent/landlord/provider.

Remember if you need advice and your Student Advice Centre is here to help. Book an online appointment at


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