NUSU to Disaffiliate from the NUS


Students at Newcastle University Students’ Union (NUSU) have voted to disaffiliate from the National Union of Students (NUS) after a two-thirds majority ‘No’ vote in their membership referendum.

Following calls for a referendum after the NUS Conference in April, an overwhelming majority of students voted in favour of taking it to a vote to decide whether or not to remain in the National Union of Students.

Dominic Fearon, President of NUSU, said: “It is clear that our students feel that the NUS no longer represents their views, does not prioritise correctly and is not effective at achieving change.

“The warning signs were there last year when the President of NUSU, along with 12 other Presidents, signed an open letter calling for reform in NUS. This fell on deaf ears. It is not clear at this stage whether all signatories of the letter will be holding similar affiliation referenda. We feel at this point in time that all students should be given a chance to have their voices heard.”

There were 1469 total votes cast in the referendum by Newcastle University students, with 67% of students voting in favour of disaffiliation from the NUS, with 33% of voters wanting to keep the membership.

Dominic continued: “The current discontent amongst students nationally can be measured in the number of SUs considering holding referenda on their membership. We hope that the NUS will acknowledge their shortcomings and will work to become the national union that students deserve and can identify with.”

To read Dominic Fearon and NUSU’s statement in full, please go to:

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