NUSU gives a F.U.C.C. about Climate Crisis

Futures under Climate Crisis launches


January 31st sees the launch of Newcastle University Students’ Union’s Climate Crisis Campaign F.U.C.C. [Future Under Climate Crisis]. The campaign begins with our Day of Action organized by the Activities Officer, Eleanor Killner, and Editor of the Courier, Grace Dean, as well as the launch of our NUSU Green Pledge as we look to reduce our carbon footprint across all areas of the organization. 

With the planet burning and approximately one species of animal becoming extinct every five minutes NUSU is taking a stand to make a change. Eleanor Killner, NUSU Activities Officer, and Grace Dean, Editor of the Courier, are hosting their Day of Action, on January 31st 2020.

Our Day of Action, held in Venue, level -2 of the NUSU building, will look to tackle issues of fast fashion, unsustainable diets and recycling. Students will join us for talks by Alumni Connie Hall, founder of Henry and Katherina, as well as Newcastle University Societies showing us how to make a difference in our everyday lives.

January 31st also sees the launch of our Green Pledge which will see Newcastle University Students’ Union commit to change across three main areas: paper, power, and plastic. NUSU pledges to:


  • Reduce the amount of paper staff and services print by 25% End of Year 2021 / 50% End of Year 2022 / 100% End of Year 2023 in order to cut our carbon usage.
  • By 2023 NUSU staff and services will become fully digital.


  • Work with the University’s LED Project to fully replace all the lights in the building to LEDs and swap light switches to light sensors in every room where possible by EOY 2020.
  • Complete an energy survey of the building to review power consumption in all areas (Electricity/Gas) by EOY 2021.


  • Implement food waste bins throughout the building by EOY 2020.
  • With the introduction of a new waste management company improve communications with all students and staff on how we can improve our recycling habits.
  • Work with our 3rd party partners to reduce the amount of single-use food containers.

Have your own suggestion of how your School can become more sustainable in these 3 areas? The submit a Pledge idea using this link.

NUSU’s F.U.C.C. campaign aims to ensure both Newcastle University and NUSU are held accountable in the future. In partnership with the University, we hope to trial a Student Climate Committee before the end of this academic year with the view to fully implement for 2020/2021. An Action 2020 group will be formed within the Newcastle University Student’s Union, working alongside the University scheme, to monitor and put in place actions towards sustainability throughout the building.




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