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So after a long and stressful semester 2, it’s finally time for the Easter a break; a four week period created for us all to have fun during the holidays, but not too much fun as multiple essay deadlines and exams loom within the horizon. I’m here today to tell you what are the best ways to spend time during semester down time.  


If you’re reading this, I presume that you’re not on the skiing trip. If you really wanted to go on it, then it’s a big shame you’ve missed it, but there’ll always be next year! So you’re stuck in Newcastle for a few weeks, you might be thinking there’s nothing happening right now, but that’s where you’d be wrong.  


For those who are fans of sport, then Newcastle is the city for you! If you’re a fan of football, then April is the best time to be in the North East. You can’t go wrong with attending a Newcastle United match at St James Park, breathing in the wonderful famous atmosphere as Newcastle take on the likes of Wigan Athletic, Burton Albion and former Premier League giants, Leeds United in the run in to the end of the season. Rafa Benitez is hoping for promotion to the Premier League, and with things being tight at the top between Newcastle and Brighton, this is one set of games you can’t miss. Newcastle also has two rugby teams in the form of Union side, Newcastle Falcons and for the League fans, Newcastle Thunder who both play at Kingston Park Stadium.  


Good venues for watching live music, Newcastle sure has plenty! There’s the Metro Radio Arena, boasting some of the biggest artists in music today such as Ed Sheeran and The Vamps or the O2 Academy, a wonderful venue with a great atmosphere and a vast array of artist’s worth seeing. But what about the local scene? Newcastle’s local music scene appears to be constantly growing into something great. Venues like The Cluny and Think Tank have been hosting some of Newcastle’s best and up and comers. If you want to support the local music scene, then you can’t go amiss checking out these venues.   


Not a fan of music? That’s fine! Maybe laughing is more your thing. Deep in the heart of Newcastle is a fantastic little comedy club called The Stand. There are always gigs on showcasing some of the country’s best comics a long with also giving new and upcoming talent the chance to shine in their “Red Raw” nights. Even if you’re not into watching wannabes try their best to be the next Frankie Boyles, there’s a great little bar upstairs for you to go and chill out.


So obviously, there’s a lot of great stuff to do in Newcastle, but we always need a little downtime. Some people enjoy spending their downtime doing various things such as reading, watching TV and film or even doing University work. I like to spend a lot of my free time playing video games and with 2017 already turning out to be a great year for the hobby, there is plenty of more games coming our way for the Spring break. From the RPG awesomeness of Persona 5, to N64 inspired Yooka Laylee and the horror soaked Outlast 2, there’s plenty of great releases to play whilst you let off steam from the stress of doing University work.  


Spring break is a great window of opportunity for us to kick back and have a bit fun, but at the same time, we need to keep our priorities straight. Most of us are going to have deadlines for when we come back after term. What I plan to do, instead of spending my entire spring playing video games and watching sports, is to put a week or two aside just to make sure that I am doing the work needed to achieve the grades I want. I’m all for having fun, but I do like to make sure that I’m putting in the effort. Semester 3 is going to be hard, but just think, if we work hard now, we have three months off in the summer to truly let our hair down! So kick back a little over Easter, see what Newcastle has to offer, eat loads of chocolate and do a bit of work!



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