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NUSU's Marginalised Genders Officer and Disability Officer have designed a short survey to gauge the frequency and impact of incidents of sexual misconduct on campus and understand student views on existing disciplinary procedures and support.
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Some more information:

This survey is open to any current Newcastle University student or recent graduate.

This survey gauges the frequency of incidents of sexual misconduct on campus. We consider incidents of sexual harassment, assault, stalking and rape, which we define as:

Sexual harassment: unwanted conduct which either results in a feeling of a loss of dignity or creates an intimidating atmosphere. Examples include but are not limited to: sexual advances; requests for sexual favors or sending unwanted sexual images.

Sexual assault: any non-consensual sexual contact or activity.

Stalking: unwanted, non-consensual and continual surveillance which results in a feeling of intimidation.

Rape: any non-consensual act that involves penetration of the vagina or anus.

In analyzing the survey responses we will evaluate:

• Student satisfaction with the University’s existing disciplinary procedures and support.
• The frequency of students accessing support on and off-campus.
• The extent to which students feel comfortable to report incidents anonymously and non-anonymously to the University and/or Police.
• The personal and academic impact of sexual violence and misconduct on students.

The survey findings will also inform a report which we will present to relevant University staff and students. All data will be anonymized, and any findings will be handled with the utmost discretion. By completing this survey you consent for us to incorporate your anonymized responses into this report.

If you require any support or have any queries don’t hesitate to reach out to us or the It Happens Here Society. You can also access more information about support services on our website.

Georgia Corbett (Disability Officer)
Eleasha Forster (Marginalised Genders Officer)




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