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In this week’s Staff Spotlight we chat to Bob Milan, Student Community Action Newcastle (SCAN) CEO, about life working at the Students’ Union.

He talks volunteering opportunities, entertaining SU Christmas parties and dreams of being a pilot…


How long have worked at the student Union?

I was first employed in 1991 on a 6 month temporary contract which was made permanent after 4 months. I have been working here 24 years now.


What is your role at Newcastle University Students’ Union and what do you do in a typical day?

I have the privilege of working with a highly experienced team that helps SCAN to deliver a wide range of high quality and fun volunteering opportunities for students and there are no typical days. 

SCAN student volunteers could be working on the NUSU Market Garden Enterprise one day planting crops and the next in Stu Brew (our student led micro-brewery) brewing craft ales like the Overdraught ale or University Porter, or we could be at a local school with our dragon bouncy castle entertaining the schoolchildren as they have lots of fun bouncing around supervised by our student volunteers.


What’s the best thing about working at the Students’ Union?

Each year I'm re-energised by the enthusiasm and commitment of old and new student volunteers.


Got any funny stories about NUSU?

At the last staff Christmas party I went to, I was asked if I was a party animal and I said no! It started at 3.30pm,  planned on going home at 6.30pm. However, several Sambucas later, I ended up karaoke singing! You've Lost That Loving Feeling! Sorry if I upset Phil. I fell asleep at my desk and woke up, took a picture and fell over at some point. There are a lot of blanks but I caught the last metro and got home safely.


If you could have any other job for a day, what would it be?

My friend used to envy me because I had a BA Hons, I used to envy him because he had a pilot's license.


What’s your favourite thing to do in Newcastle?

I'm a Mackem so that should be an easy one: to win the derby.


If you could give Newcastle students one bit of advice, what would it be?

Sign up as a volunteer with SCAN, you will never regret it.


If you could join or create your own society, what would it be?

I'm not fit enough for Pole Dancing so Stu Brew would be the society for me.


What’s the one thing that students don’t know about the SU, which they should?

Every so often there are motions to change the name of the MENS Bar, what many don't know is that it comes from the Students’ Union's motto: MENS AGITAT MOLEM which is represented by the craft ale ‘Mind over Matter’ - favoured by Caleb our AU Officer! 


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