*NEW* menstrual care vending machines

It's finally here!


We’re sooo pleased to announce that you can now access tampons and pads from the SU's very own Smart-card activated dispensing machine.

Back in March, NUSU convinced the University to become the first in England to make sanitary products freely available on campus. Since then, we’ve been working with the University and made this happen.

You can now access these dispensing machines at the following locations throughout the University:

  • Students' Union (top floor)
  • Frederick Douglass Centre (Ground floor gender-neutral toilet corridor).
  • Business School (Ground floor opposite G12).
  • Phillip Robinson Library (Level 1 staircase near Hope and Tees clusters).
  • Sports Centre Extension (Ground floor next to the vending machine).
  • Armstrong Building (Ground floor toilets near music rooms).
  • Walton Robinson Library, Medical School (Near Linn Cluster).
  • Students’ Union (Level 2 gender neutral toilet corridor).
  • Marjorie Robinson Library (Ground floor near lifts).

We are your President and Welfare & Equality Officer opening our very own machine:



This is about tackling period poverty and period shame and helping you when you get caught short on campus. For this reason, we ask that you only take what you need.

This is a result of NUSU Sabbatical Officers, Liberation Officers, Student Council and societies working together to listen to your feedback and improve your experience here at Newcastle. From listening to you, we also know that sustainability is important and that’s why we’ll continue to work with the University to make the provision of free sanitary products more sustainable in the long term.

You can check out what other campus-wide changes NUSU has made by visiting our Big Wins page.

Over and out,

Katie Smyth (President 2019/20)

Sara Elkhawad (Welfare & Equality Officer)


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