Tips to keep your housemates sweet

Your spotlight on housing


The New Year is a great time to find inspiration in getting things sorted out, especially as many of you will be revising and taking exams. You may have a list of resolutions but one thing that will help you get through is an organized place to come home to. You don’t have to ‘Marie Kondo’ your life but a few simple changes will help you make the best of the space you call your own.

Avoid Conflict When Cleaning

The conflict between housemates can happen for many different reasons, don’t let cleaning be one of them. Find out which jobs you don’t hate and make a rota.

Clean Everything Once a Week

Easier said than done when you’re busy but keeping on top of the mess and dirt makes life so much simpler.

Use money as a motivator

Don’t forget that you would have most probably paid a small fortune in damage deposits when you moved in. Give yourself the best chance of getting the full deposit back by being on top of maintenance and cleaning.

Create a retreat

Even if you live with the messiest people you can keep your own room clean and tidy. Make your bed as soon as you get up and open the windows to let some fresh air in. Making sure your room is tidy to come back to will make a big difference to your state of mind.

For advice and guidance on all housing-related issues you can book in with the Housing Adviser at the Student Advice Centre here at the Students’ Union.


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