Your new 2019-2020 Officer team

The results are in!
Image (left to right): Joe Gubbins, Katie Smyth, Grace Dean, Eleanor Killner, Karina Sorrels, Sara Elkhawad, Pablo Charro de la Fuente.
First of all, we would like to congratulate all the candidates in this year’s election! We had the best voting turn out EVER in an election for our officers and that is down to the hard work and determination of all of our candidates!
Congratulations to everyone who ran and a massive thank you to everyone that voted. 
Now for the results: 

Sabbatical Officers:

  • President- Katie Smyth
  • Activities Officer- Eleanor Killner
  • Athletic Union Officer- Joe Gubbins
  • Editor of the Courier- Grace Dean
  • Education Officer- Pablo Charro de la Fuente
  • Postgraduate Officer- Karina Sorrels
  • Welfare & Equality Officer- Sara Elkhawad

Liberation Officers:

  • Marginalised Genders Officer- Maria Marr
  • LGBT+ Officer- Tobias Lawrence
  • Disability Officer- Georgia Corbett 
  • Racial Equality Officer- Rabeeyah Cheema 
  • International Students' Officer- Chinyere Emeka
  • Student Parents, Guardians and Carers Officer- Amani Alrossies
  • Students with Faith or Belief Officer- Christopher Winter
  • Commuting Students' Officer- Sian Dickie

NUSU Chairs:

  • Chair of Council- Stephen Dawes 
  • Chair of Scrutiny- Alice Fish 
Image below (left to right): Maria Marr, Alice Fish, Tobias Lawrence, Karina Sorrels, Rabeeyah Cheema, Christopher Winter, Stephen Dawes, Grace Dean, Katie Smyth, Joe Gubbins, Elleanor Killner, Sara Elkhawad 

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