November Lockdown: words of support from your Sabbatical Team

With a new national lockdown at our doorstep, your Sabbatical Officers have some words of support and let you know how NUSU will be supporting students over this tough time.

New restrictions hit on November 5th


Hi everyone, your Sabbatical Officers here. We hope you’re all doing as well as you can be and keeping safe. We’re writing this in light of the recent Government announcement of a second national lockdown across England beginning today, to offer some words of support and let you know how NUSU will be supporting students over this tough time.  

The COVID-19 crisis has taken this year in directions we could have never predicted and been the cause of tragedies on a global scale. Everyone has been impacted by the global health pandemic in different ways and it looks like we will continue to be affected for some time to come. We recognise that it’s a really difficult time to be studying and researching amidst lockdowns, restrictions and the wider sense of anxiety and stress. We have been working alongside the University to ensure there are measures in place to support you with your education, welfare and social life and will be posting about these during lockdown to ensure students are aware of these. We know that students need greater academic, mental health and social support to get through these next few weeks of isolation and beyond.  

What does this Lockdown mean?

The new national lockdown restrictions come into effect on Thursday 5th November with guidance available on the Government website to help you understand what it all means. We know that with everything changing quickly, it can be hard to keep up. The higher education guidance is to remain open and students are advised to remain at their current term-time address until 2nd December when the restrictions are slated to be lifted. So what does that mean for you? It means that little has changed from the current way the university has been operating under the Department for Education’s Tier 3 guidance. The blend of online and present-in-person teaching will continue. Study facilities remain open for those on campus and there are a host of online resources available too. NUSU’s COVID-19 Hub brings together key information about how NUSU is operating during the pandemic and is a great resource: If you need welfare support during this time you can contact the University’s wellbeing hotline at + 44 (0) 191 208 3333 who will listen to your concerns and connect you to the most appropriate support service. 

Going forwards...

As Sabbatical Officers, our job is to represent and support students. We are already representing students interests and needs in our many meetings with the University and will continue to do so throughout the lockdown period. We want to support you in other ways too. Over these four weeks, we will be reviving our Facebook COVID-19 Community group with various informational posts, our top tips for lockdown, videos from the Sabbs, and encouraging our student community to come together virtually. Our Give It A Go and Go Volunteer teams are continuing their online activities which are open for all students to get involved with too. You can see the full range of virtual events we have available at our What’s On page ( We hope you will join us and make use of the NUSU support available.