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[Update 15/1/21] Update from your Sabbatical Officers concerning Safety Net measures

The Sabbatical Officer Team welcome the introduction of Newcastle University's Safety Net Policy to support students during these unprecedented times (subject to approval from the University Senate). All taught programme students will have received an email from the University outlining the new Safety Net Policy 202/21, with important information available in this University blog post and FAQs page.

We are also pleased that our own Near Miss Policy proposals contributed largely to the implementation of the net measures and that some of these measures will be permanent changes that will benefit students in future years too. The new Safety Net Policy for 2020/21 should provide students with reassurance about how their assessments will be marked fairly in recognition of the impacts of COVID-19 on students. NUSU always fights to support students and we believe this policy will benefit all students in a fair way. We know that this policy is broad, as it is designed to encompass the entire taught programme cohort, so we encourage students to reach out for help if they need any further, more specific support via PEC forms, Student Support Plans, our own Student Advice Centre and the University’s Mental Health and Wellbeing Service.


[Original Post 12/1/21] "The current discussions happening on the issue of Safety Net measures"

Sian Dickie (Education Officer) and Charlotte Boulton (Postgraduate Officer) have co-written a blog post to inform students on the current discussions that have been happening last week and today on the issue of a Safety Net. This email (which you can read by following the link below) that was sent on 08/01/2021, written by your Education Officer and Postgraduate Officer. They sent this email to Suzanne Cholerton, Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Education at Newcastle University, to reiterate what academic mitigations we are looking to put in place for you as students. This email was sent prior to planned meetings to discuss our Near Miss Policy proposals and consider all options for providing safety net measures. Your Officers want you to know that as your student representatives, they are fighting for as much as  they can possibly get you by ways of support from the University. Please read below the update (by following the link below) which discusses York’s mitigations, NUSU's demands and what other Sabbatical Officers from across the UK are doing to pressure the University sector into offering more support during this time.  

Read the letter & full blogpost here 


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