AU Officer 2019/20 Candidates Announced!

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I can’t believe it’s come around already but nominations for next year’s AU Officer Candidates are closed and your three hopefuls are:

Joe Gubbins – 4th year Mechanical Engineering student and President of Ice Hockey.

Lara Brooks – 3rd year Geography student and Secretary of Women’s Lacrosse.

Stylianos Hadjiforados – 3rd year Economics student and Treasurer of Archery.

All three candidates have been on my Executive Committee this year and so all have the knowledge and experience necessary to do the role, however it’s up to you to decide which one! Voting opens at 1pm on Monday 18th March and closes at 12pm on Thursday 21st March with results announced at 7pm on Friday 22nd March.

Want to find out more? Go to to view the candidates videos and manifestos, and to explore the other roles too. Have your voice and make your choice…


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