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NUSU Sport

This year Fit Got Real. The latest This Girl Can campaign focusses on celebrating the ways you fit exercise into your life, even those less glamorous and unconventional methods like getting down and doing sit ups on the kitchen floor.

Whether you cycle to University, run to your lectures or take part in a club or exercise class, we want to celebrate how you fit exercise into your life. Seeking to challenge conventional ideas of what exercise looks like and what counts as exercise, This Girl Can aims to encourage the traditional sports and exercise industry to adapt themselves to the lives of real women.

This Girl Can, funded by The National Lottery, believes that there’s no right way to get active – if it gets your heart rate up it counts. And here at Newcastle University we want more women to find what’s right for them. That’s why all this week we are hosting a number of events and taster sessions so you can find your perfect fitness match.

Check out the timetable for the week here


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