This Girl Can 2021: Events running all week long

Get Involved 22 - 28 March 2021


This Girl Can celebrates active women who are doing their thing no matter how they do it, how they look or how sweaty they get. It focuses on the reality of physical activity and creating a supportive network of women in sport. We want all women to celebrate how they fit exercise into their studies and life balance. Seeking to challenge conventional ideas of what exercise looks like and what counts as exercise, This Girl Can aims to encourage the traditional sports and exercise industry to adapt themselves to the lives of real women.

This Girl Can, funded by The National Lottery, believes that there’s no right way to get active – if it gets your heart rate up it counts! And here at Newcastle University Students’ Union, we want more women to find what’s right for them. That’s why all this week we are hosting a number of non-traditional virtual taster sessions so you can find your perfect fitness match.



Events & Activities


Monday, 22 March


Mystery Exercise Challenge


Tuesday, 23 March


Zumba Class


Barre Class


Wednesday, 24 March


Bollywood Dance


Karate Taster

Thursday, 25 March

All day

Virtual Pink Run


Mindfulness Class


Dance (Heels Workshop)


Zumba Class


Irish Dance Class


Friday, 26 March


Asana Posture Class


Karate Taster


Saturday, 27 March


Aerial Yoga Class


Sunday, 28 March


Mindfulness Class





Women in Sport Interviews


For International Women’s Day earlier this month, The Courier Sport seized the opportunity to celebrate the achievements of women in Newcastle University’s community who have forged careers in the field of sport. Women who have achieved extraordinary things in a diverse range of positions but all in the context of sport or the sports industry. 

Check out the stories here about How This Girl Can in a sports world still mainly dominated by men. These articles/interviews have been all written by Elana Shapiro:

  • Zoe Barber -  Publicist for BBC Breakfast, & BBC Sport - Read Article
  • Maddy Wood - Pathway and Development Manager at Durham Women Football Club - Read Article
  • Kate Sutton - Senior Manager of Digital Growth at Adidas - Read Article
  • Janine Anthony - Sports Producer, Presenter, and Journalist - Read Article
  • Benthe Tanghe - NUSU Athletic Union Officer - Read Article
  • Maria Voropajeva - Production Coordinator for ITV Sport - Read Article
  • Susie Rodgers MBE - Paralympic swimmer - Read Article
  • Claire Nelson - CEO of Netball Scotland - Read Article



Advice for Men


Equality in sport and exercise - Make a difference and do the right thing. 
Everybody has the right to feel safe exercising alone at any time of day or night but sadly for many, this is not the case. In light of the recent murder of Sarah Everard and because we must not continue in the narrative of only giving safety advice to women and all other marginalised genders this advice is vital. 
Imagine a world in which we advised men not to go out after dark or to make sure they only stuck to well-lit streets, training young boys safe routes for walking home from school or to never walk alone. This is the reality for many and it is simply not fair. We think men at Newcastle have a responsibility in making things better.  

We hope that many of you already follow the advice below but if not now is the time to begin. 

  • Never walk or run closely behind or near a woman*. Giving space can negate the feeling of being followed. 
  • On quiet streets cross over the road, especially if it is later in the evening or at night. This gives a clear sign that you are not a threat. 
  • Don’t stare or make comments.  
  • If a friend asks you to accompany them, do it. 
  • Don’t block paths or walk ways. Give way first. 
  • Only call out if you are making yourself seen and heard in order to allay fears or to call out a catcaller or harassment. 
  • Be a decent bystander and make sure friends know how to and act in a way that doesn’t make women* feel uncomfortable. If you witness someone being harassed or looking uneasy act there and then. 

Impact is more important than the intention. Believe women (Women and all other marginalised genders) if they tell you that they felt nervous or harassed; even if it was you who made them feel that way. Apologies and ask how to make things better.  
It Happens Here, the Newcastle Uni Society,  works to support all survivors and allies on campus, and raise awareness of issues around sexual violence. 
Report and Support – How to report to the SU and Uni. 



"Learning from your mistakes is one of the quickest ways to get better at something."

Amy Bower
Netball President / Student Mechanical Engineering with Biomedical Engineering



"Don’t compare yourself to others. Don’t be afraid of failure. Learn from it and push yourself."

Phoebe Precious
Dodgeball President/ Student BSc Geography



"My goal in sport is to be truly happy in my body."

Newcastle University Student



"Give it a go, you may love it!"

Sarah Stephenson
NUSU Activities Development Coordinator



"Try new things, find what you like and do more of it. Just for you."

Lucy Backhurst
Academic Registrar



"Don’t let fear cause you to miss out."

Naomi Oosman – Watts
Head of Strategic Projects – Student Services




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This Girl Can 2021: Events running all week long

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