Society of the Month September winners

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September Society of the Month

This month our committee members really gave it their best. We began working on the ideas we had about Freshers before September even started. Still, we executed our ideas during Freshers Week and the beginning of this month.

We started by changing our logo design as we thought the old one didn't capture the essence of salsa properly. The old one was a bit more formal as the female silhouette on the poster was wearing a long dress and the framing of the two figures (the male and female one) looked a bit more old fashioned. So, Olyvia, one of our social secretaries, created our new logo design and incorporated it into our flyers, which we were giving out during the Freshers Fair. We managed to print, stick and give out 1000 flyers for three days.

In addition, we participated in the Freshers Fair on table 37. We brought speakers, flyers and snacks to our table and we’ve been at the table at all times during the fair. In order to attract people we played dance videos from last years’ performance and danced in front of the stall every one or two hours.

Still, we wanted to take more initiative outside the Freshers Fair. We saw that there was going to be a Society Showcase in front of the Student’s Union and decided to join in. So, we contacted the team and managed to arrange a 15 minute slot. During the 15 minute slot we were able to demonstrate social dancing in public, which is basically unchoreographed dancing. You have a leader that has to come up with the moves on the spot and you have a follower that has to figure out the moves on the spot and “follow”. During the social dancing we swapped partners and demonstrated to the viewers that you don’t need a fixed partner in order to dance salsa. You just need to have the courage to ask someone to dance and the skills to follow/lead. This happened on Friday, 28th September.

Of course, the showcase wasn’t enough for us either. So, we decided to do a flash mob as we thought the element of surprise would really catch the eye. We also thought that doing something out of the ordinary would capture the essence of salsa dancing. Salsa is vibrant and you don’t know what to expect and the flash mob was an exact representation of that. We asked the student radio for some help and they agreed and played a few salsa and a few reggaeton songs for us. We demonstrated social dancing in couples and then solo by incorporating line ups.This happened on the 27th September. 

Lastly, we had two taster sessions. One on Wednesday 26th September and one on 1st October. We had quite a few people show up and had a beginner and an intermediate lessons. We went over the basics solo, then in partners and finished with some social dancing. Everyone seemed to really like it. They especially liked our teacher for this year, Chris Pentland, who is a well known choreographer around Newcastle. The taster sessions took place in Freeman’s Hall, Castle Leazes.

Salsa hold weeky classes every Monday at 19:30 in Freeman's Hall, Castle Leazes, and prices start at £2 for beginners! For more info check out their society page at


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