2016-17 Campaigns

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2016-17 Campaigns

It's been a great year for campaigning at Newcastle, with some real changes being created through your campaigning.

Get in touch if you would like to get involved in our future campaigns.

September -

International Welcome Picnic: A ‘Bring your Own Picnic’ event to welcome the early arrival students.

October -

Black History Month: A month dedicated to celebrating black history. Brought to you by Safiya Robinson, events included a BAME careers event, What is Privilege? And Black Lives Matter screening.

SHAG Week: 267 students were screened during the annual completion to win £250 for your club or society!

November -

House of Horrors - Housing Information - Housing Fair: The Housing Information Week is an annual campaign aiming to prepare students, living in halls, to move into the private accommodation sector. You can get housing advice any time of year from the Student Advice Centre.

Orange the World - End violence towards women: We took part in the UN Women Campaign focusing on ending Violence towards Women and Girls, raising money that was donated to local women’s charities.

Transgender Day of Remembrance: A campaign to honour the memory of those whose lives were lost in acts of anti-transgender violence. A campus wide digital campaign and vigil took place led by Courtney Levin the 2016/17 LGBT+ Officer.

December -

World Aids Day: a national campaign to raise funds and awareness and to tackle the stigma associated with HIV and AIDS. Students and staff wore the red ribbon for a nominal amount.

OLIO - Food Sharing: NUSU became a drop off point in this food sharing campaign. Download the OLIO app and get sharing your unwanted food!

January -

Beyond the Binary: Our Marginalised Genders Officer, Saffron Kershaw-Mee planed and organised the first Beyond the Binary to raise awareness and create positive change for students who identify as non-binary. This campaign got national recognition and Saffron became an amazing spokesperson for non-binary students. Read a full account here.

Student Carers Campaign: Holly Waddell, your Student Parents, Guardians and Carers Officer, created the Student Carers campaign and successfully worked with student wellbeing to reinstate support for student carers.

S.O.S: Stressed Out Students returned for January exams, with wellbeing support, free fruit, highlighters and hot drinks.

Safer Clubbing: NUSU Officers gave their input on the safer clubbing campaign launched by Newcastle City Council. Drug testing kits are available for a £3 donation from the Students’ Advice Centre – Contact SSDP with any questions.

February -

Go Green: A week long campaign aimed at encouraging staff and students to be more sustainable in their everyday lives. Renewcastle organised a variety of events including an upcycling workshop, Green People Festival and a trip to the O’Brien’s recycling plant.

Civil rights Conference - Martin Luther Who? : NUSU supported IDS in their annual conference, this year focussing on the teachings of MLK in this the 50th year anniversary of Dr King’s honorary degree.

Childcare Funding: an ongoing campaigning to review the provision and funding offered to students and staff who have childcare costs. The Welfare and Equality Officer will be handing this over to their successor to carry on the ground work established this year.

LGBT+ Week: LGBT+ Society and LGBT+ Officer, Courtney Levin organised the 3rd LGBT+ Awareness Week. 

Rep Awareness Week: Academic Reps went out and about across campus to raise awarness of their role and to inform students of how they can help improve their academic experience. 

March -

It Happens Here / It's Not Ok relaunch: A more user friendly reporting system was needed and the national campaign It Happens Here has now been relaunched at Newcastle. A student led society is now ratified and the Welfare and Equality Officer worked towards an easier more inclusive way to report sexual violence, bullying and discrimination. 

Alcohol and Drug Awareness Week: Agencies across the city got involved in this awareness week, giving help, support and advice to those who took part in the campaign. The week ended with a community clean up focussing on broken glass and bottles from end of term parties.

Inspiring Women Conference: A highlight for many, the amazing Inspiring Women returned in March. This year open to all genders. Sessions and keynote speakers included, Alison Boydell (JURIES), Can men be Feminists? and Public Speaking and Leadership.

April -

Mind the Gap: The conference came back to openly discuss mental health, signpost information, bring together students, clinicians, academics, and the local community; and to aid in destigmatising mental health issues

Disability Awareness Week: A campaign dedicated to tacking the issues and to create positive change for students with disabilities. Each day concentrated on a different type of disability.

Support Network - Creative expression of lived experiences: A campaign focussing on women and the support given to those recovering from terminations and who have experienced sexual or domestic abuse. More broadly, a space to share, support and start conversations about the issues faced by women.  

May -

Cooperative Awareness: Brought to you by Rebecca D’Andrea, your Ethics and Environments Rep, Coop Awareness aimed at highlighting the amazing benefits to students getting involved in the movement.

S.O.S: See January

Dog Days: Guide dogs UK  brought in trainee guide dogs so that students could find out about their work and donate to an amazing charity at the same time. £1035 was raised for Guide Dogs UK.

June -

Leave Newcastle Happy: Newcastle University Students’ Union were back again at the end of term to help you ‘Leave Newcastle Happy’ when you move out of your accommodation. 



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