Changing the Culture

A project aimed to tackle hate crime and incidents Help us to enact positive and tangible change on our campuses

In 2016 Universities UK published a report examining violence against women, harassment and hate crime affecting university students on UK campuses. In response to the recommendations of the report Newcastle University have developed the ‘Changing the Culture’ project to tackle these issues on our campus, including hate crime incidents. 

A hate crime can be defined as someone breaking the law by hurting another person because of prejudice.  A hate incident is defined as any behaviour which causes alarm or distress to individuals or groups, motivated by prejudice.

Hate incidents and hate crime are directed at people because of who they are or who someone thinks they are. Hate crime or hate incidents are often committed because of a prejudice about a person’s gender, religion, nationality, class, sexuality, disability or race. 

We need your voice as students, to gain a better perspective on the issues being faced during your time at Newcastle.  We aim to do this by facilitating listening forums, an open and safe non-judgemental space to share your experiences where, we can find out more, listen to your experiences and create campaigns in response. Using Student experiences, we aim to create a campaign to enact positive and tangible change on our campuses. To have your voice heard, complete the examples of Hate Crimes and Instances form.

Please use this form to highlight any experiences you may have had during your time as a student at Newcastle University. This form is for examples of experiences only; we will be using the examples to create campaigns but will not be responding to submissions. This form should not be used in place of the 'It Happens Here’, NUSU's accessible online disclosure system for Sexual Harassment, Sexual Violence, Hate Crime, Discrimination and Bullying. It Happens Here information can be found here


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